Clinics & Hospitals.

AvanteMedical understands the complexity and multifaceted challenges involved with developing IT for new clinics and hospitals. We also have extensive experience in supporting entire sites and multi-sites. Our focus with clinics and hospitals is ensuring systems performance and interoperability, in line with patient care objectives. The complexity comes in larger sites with the variety of applications, modalities and third parties. For this reason, a high degree of management and collaboration is required to ensure projects, support and maintenance are run as smoothly as possible.

AvanteMedical has had experience in areas such as Oncology, Pathology, Chiropractic, Orthopedic, Dental, Gynaecological to name a few. We have designed systems and solutions for standalone clinics and also for hospitals where departments had to interact and share patient data. We have dealt with partners such as IBM, iSoft, Cerner, we have even assisted governments with complex health issues.

AvanteMedical is unique as we don't sell or promote any particular software solutions, our goal is to provide a set of consulting and infrastructure services designed for healthcare.

Our Services:

Service and Support
Managed Services
Emergency Support
Project Services