Radiology and Imaging.

AvanteMedical is unique. We take a great deal of pride in how we provide technology solutions and services to radiology - our approach centres around a consultative method with deep clinical liaison. Currently we provide services to a range of imaging practices, including government, multi-site and multi-nationals.

AvanteMedical provides services to some of the world's leading teleradiology providers.

We know radiology and this understanding means we can deliver services and solutions that go beyond just IT.

AvanteMedical can help if:

You're a radiology practice looking to improve technology
You're a multi-site practice and want to connect your sites and share information
You're looking to connect with a local hospital or clinic to report for them
You're looking to have your radiologists report from home
You're looking at a new RIS or PACS and need assistance in the process
You're implementing new technology or modalities and need help
You're looking to provide reports and images to your clinicians and referrers
You're looking at opening a new site
You're looking for better ways to use technology in your practice

Our services and expertise in this field are considerable and we would be delighted to assist. Simply contact your closest office or email